About Rebecca

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I am a thingmaker, which is a vague but fast way to say I’m an actor-writer-musician-filmmaker-YouTuber-comedian-director-whatever I need to be to get the project done. I got a MASTERS IN OBOE from the Cincinnati Conservatory before I realized I had no interest in being an oboe player, so I made the obvious transition to comedy.

I spent almost eight years in Chicago studying and performing at the Second City, iO, and the Annoyance and still do the occasional CHARACTER bit. THIS is the first comedy short I made inspired by physical therapy I had to do when I started running. It’s dumb and delightful. I directed a gay sketch show called In Gaga We Trust which was developed entirely through improv, actors would pitch a scene, improvise it, I’d offer feedback and adjustments, they’d reimprovise it, then we’d rinse and repeat until we had the scene we wanted. The show sold out its entire run and audiences loved it.

After comedy I focused on writing and acting. In one year I wrote two sitcom spec scripts, a pilot, a solo storytelling + music show, worked a full time job, and did a nine month acting conservatory that met nine hours a week. I’ve never been that productive since and I’m okay with that (guess who didn’t have a personal life that year?). I definitely mean to brag when I say that Amy Morton (the Meryl Streep of Chicago theater) saw my acting showcase and told her friend I was really good (surprise, her friend knew me and probably still regrets passing that compliment on). I played Meg (the host/MC) in the national tour of Odd Squad! LIVE, a musical for kids based on the PBS show and it will probably always be one of my favorite stage experiences.

I kept my love of non-oboe music going by playing any instrument I could in any cover band that would let me in, including a badass all-lady cover band I started called Skirt Steak. We covered everything from Shakira and Bieber to Rage Against the Machine, Lauryn Hill, and Phil Collins (I played keyboard, synth, guitar, sax, trumpet, sang backup, and DJed on my iPad). I was asked to do a BOWIE COVER for a variety show which led to a minor obsession with doing creative covers of songs but making them funny. Combine that with seeing Reggie Watts open for Conan and magically I became REBECCA LOOPS, complete with a YouTube channel where I do a cappella covers of popular songs on a looper. My Biggie cover made the front page of REDDIT, and Nicki Minaj saw my Chun Swae cover and called me a “FKNG ICON.”

My main focus these days is making collaborative video projects that can be made safely in a newly-not quarantined world. This summer I’m launching Friends of Andy, a platform that will feature a variety of funny folks hanging out online with each other and the audience (live streamed content for now). Eventually the goal is that it’ll grow into an offline film and production company making everything from sitcoms and drama series to Christopher Guest-style improvised comedic features and even an American version of Portrait of a Lady on Fire).

I’m also the host of a brand new queer history series, Gay or Nay. We discuss historical figures who have queer stories associated with them and try to re-imagine them using the queer terminology available in 2020.

For a touch of my personal life- I grew up in Texas, went to college in Louisiana (LSU), grad school in Ohio (CCM), grew into the person I am now in Chicago, and moved to New York City in 2015. After many years of coming and going I’m back for good and working to build the production company and community of my dreams.

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